Previous Online Events

Recordings of all our previous online events can be found through the below links. Upcoming events are listed on our main Events page.

MCDDM Launch Event - November 2020

Launch event for the Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology


Christmas Lecture - December 2020

Professor Peter de Groot - "Optical metrology and advanced manufacturing — A happy marriage or a clash of cultures?"


Monthly Seminar - January 2021

Dr Marcos Kauffman - "Industry 4.0: Value creation in integrated and data-rich manufacturing supply chains"




Monthly Seminar - February 2021

Dr Toby Maw - "DIRECT: Weaving Inspection into the Digital Thread"


Monthly Seminar - March 2021

Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino - "Who cares about Big Data? And is it useful for making Big Decisions?"


Monthly Seminar - April 2021

Professor Paul Rees - "Precision Optics Manufacture and Metrology"

Paul Rees


Metrology Training Workshop - April 2021

Metrology training and accreditation - live workshop presentations

Training Screenshot

World Metrology Day 2021

Professor Richard Leach - "Point cloud uncertainty in optical coordinate metrology: coming soon to a factory near you!" 


Monthly Seminar - May 2021

Professor Sarah Sharples - "Capturing human performance in a digital manufacturing setting – opportunities, risks and myths"



Monthly Seminar - June 2021

Dr Sofia Catalucci - "How to define quality: assessment of measurement performance using smart metrological solutions"

June Seminar

Monthly Seminar - July 2021

Dr Stephen Kyle - "explore3DM – a digital marketplace and online knowledge base for 3D measurement and 3D metrology"

July Seminar