Manufacturing Week 5 - 7 July 2022

Advanced Manufacturing Building, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham
Tuesday 5th (09:00) - Thursday 7th July 2022 (17:00)

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The Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology is a multi-site collaboration between the University of Nottingham, Coventry University and Loughborough University.

In conjunction with the Precision Manufacturing Centre and the Centre for Healthcare Technologies, we were delighted to be hosting the first Manufacturing Week at the University of Nottingham campus.

The two days event included seminars, laboratory tours and workshops for the Manufacturing, Metrology and MedTech industries. A third day of tours of laboratories and open facilities welcomed the public as well as our industrial partners and visitors. Championing manufacturing, Charlotte Horobin from MakeUK facilitated a discussion workshop where there were opportunities to discuss real-world challenges faced in the manufacturing sector: regulatory considerations, small and flexible manufacturing, improvement of R&D of medical devices, material selection in design processes and cybersecurity.

First day of seminars and experts in the field:

  • Nottingham Healthcare Innovation Platform: presenter Prof. Cathy.
  • Assistive robots and sensor-based assistive technology to support healthcare: presenter Prof. Praminda Caleb-Solly.
  • Manufacturing customised to healthcare devices: presenters Prof. Ruth Goodridge and  Prof. Donal McNally.
  • Collaborating across disciplines and success stories: presenter Dr Joel Segal.
  • The importance of metrology for all manufacturing: presenter Dr Trevor Toman.
  • Precision Manufacturing Centre technical services: presenter Dr Daniel Symes.

Second day of seminars and experts in the field:

  • The Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology, support for the manufacturing industry: presenter Dr Charlotte Blake.
  • True Precision robotics, research and development: presenter Mr Roger Holden.
  • The National Metrology Skills Alliance, metrology training framework: presenter Dr Philip Bamforth.
  • Manufacturing in Medtech: presenter Prof. Derek Irvine.
  • Digitalisation of manufacturing on a shoestring budget: presenter Dr. Jack Chaplin.
  • Measuring perception for improved manufacturing outcomes: presenter Dr Lewis Newton.
  • Introduction to the East Midlands Manufacturing Network: presenter Mr Mark Goldby.
  • Omnifactory, the future of manufacturing: presenter Dr Alison Turner.
  • Collaborative robots for industrial applications: presenter Dr Niels Lohse.