Research at the Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology



The Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology aims to support and develop the region’s manufacturing businesses by helping them to adopt digital manufacturing technologies and strategies (part of the so-called “Industry 4.0”) in their operations.

We provide this support through training and research support for UK manufacturing industry, providing companies with the opportunity to work with one of the best manufacturing metrology research communities in the UK. The centre can support you, with workforce training, advice and funded research to embed the benefits of metrology into the design & processes used in digital manufacturing for participating companies ranging from SMEs to OEMs. This includes manufacturing scale-up activities, new products and production development, pilot manufacturing and quality improvement initiatives.

 Typical benefits of MCDDM research projects can include:

  • Improved manufacturing capabilities
  • More predictable products
  • Design and manufacturing teams with
    skills in digital manufacturing
  • Lower environmental impact from
    manufacturing processes
  • Increased confidence and better


Projects start from free 2-day assessment and scoping exercises, and can progress through to long-term collaborations or sponsorship of PhD research through our Centre for Doctoral Training. Funding is available for short projects that benefit UK industry, subject to conditions. Longer projects may also lead to research collaboration and the ability to attract funding to support this.

If you are interested in undertaking research with the centre, please contact us using the details below, or submit a short project application form

Email Bronya Norton, General Manager