Customer perspectives on hybrid manufacturing: on-premise and cloud


For many years, industrial companies were committed to implementing cloud technologies for business data but skeptical about putting their operational data there. But as increasing amounts of enterprise data across the organization are being securely and cheaply moved to cloud solutions anyway, many manufacturers are starting to ask themselves – can they afford not to? What’s the right way to balance the needs of the plant floor with the advantages of cloud technologies? Major manufacturing companies are already discovering four key benefits from moving to hybrid on-premise / cloud solutions. These range from reducing the cost of running their plants, making plants faster, more productive, and opening the door to deeper analytics and insights at the enterprise.

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Mitan is currently a Solution Architect for GE Digital’s manufacturing division, where he leverages the organisations software portfolio to help improve customers manufacturing operations. He has experience with asset performance management solutions, the Predix platform and other cloud technologies. He graduated from the University of Warwick with a bachelors degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Engineering, specialising in virtual reality.