Introduction to Dimensional Metrology (2022-2024 Cohort)



The Introduction to Metrology course includes approximately sixteen hours of online self-directed taught content and supporting material on the measurement of engineered parts. The course includes full details of new optical measurement technologies, and a comprehensive review of the latest advanced manufacturing applications.

At a Glance

Date: Open online enrolment

Individual cost: £750

Group cost: £500

Audience: Those looking for an introduction to dimensional metrology

Bookings: Through the UoN Store


Course detail

This course is delivered entirely remotely and online. Attendees can undertake learning at their own pace and at any time using the videos and resources provided. Specific topics in this course will include:


  • Basic metrology
    • Why measure?
    • History
    • Traceability
    • Error and calibration
    • SI units
    • Uncertainty analysis
    • Good laboratory practice
  • Design for metrology
    • Optimising part design to facilitate measurement
  • In-situ metrology
    • Measurement during manufacturing processes
    • Real-time process monitoring
  • Surface metrology
    • Measurement technologies
    • Surface characterisation
    • Advanced manufacturing surfaces
  • Coordinate metrology
    • Contact measurement
    • Optical measurement
    • X-ray computed tomography measurement

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will:

  1. Be capable of assessing the traceability route for a given dimensional measurement

  2. Be confident and able to estimate measurement uncertainty

  3. Be capable of operating and understanding a range of dimensional measurement tools

  4. Be able to understand and assess the tolerances on an engineering drawing

Delivery method

This course is delivered through online self-directed taught video content and supporting material.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at everyone from shop-floor technicians to postgraduates, with a background in manufacturing process technologies but middling to no background in dimensional metrology. As an introductory course, there are no specific pre-requisites, but an understanding of basic mathematics and engineering concepts is expected.

Cost and Contacts

The course cost is £750 per candidate or £500 if registering 5 or more candidates at one time. Please kindly contact for further information or follow the link below to book your place:

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