Research Supervisors in the MCDDM

University of Nottingham

Dr Samanta Piano

Dr Samanta Piano is Associate Professor in Metrology, Director of the Centre and Head of the Manufacturing Metrology team at the University of Nottingham (UoN). Her research interests concern the development of innovative and unconventional optical techniques and 3D probing systems for high-precision coordinate metrology to be used in industrial applications. She is currently investigating how artificial intelligence approaches can be used for camera calibration in 3D measurement systems. She is a former Marie Curie and UoN Advanced Research Fellow who has contributed to several forefront areas of experimental condensed matter physics, materials science, atomic and optical physics, metrology and nanotechnology. She has published in international peer reviewed journals, including three papers in the prestigious Physical Review Letters, one in Applied Physics Letters, and six refereed book chapters. She is currently co-supervising five PhD students, working on novel optical measurement techniques, defects in additive manufacturing and machine learning techniques for 3D optical measurements.



Prof David Branson
Prof Branson is a chaired Professor of Dynamics and Control, Deputy director of the Manufacturing Metrology Team and director of the Nottingham Advanced Robotics Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK. He has held industry, research and teaching positions in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy providing extensive experience in the design, modelling and control of complex, multi-body, non-linear systems. Current research applications focus primarily on manufacturing and healthcare including: the integration of advanced metrology and machine learning to improve positioning performance in industrial robots; soft robotic based continuum surfaces undergoing large, actuated deformations; production of novel textile and biomaterials; and robotic production methods in Industry 4.0 environments.


Dr Nicholas Watson
Nik is an active member of the UK's Digital Manufacturing research community and currently a Co-Investigator on the EPSRC's Digital Manufacturing Network: Connected Everything. Nik regularly speaks at Industry events on the topic of Digital Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence within the food and drink sector with invited international talks including: The Food and Drug Administration's Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Food and Cosmetics Safety Colloquium (2020) and the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Virtual Convention (2020). Nik has extensive industry collaborative experience with manufacturers in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors ranging from micro SMEs to multinationals in addition to technology providers and integrators. Nik is currently a member on the EPSRC's Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research and on the Food Standards Agency's Register of Experts.


Loughborough University

Dr Peter Kinnell
Peter is a Reader in Metrology and held an EPSRC Manufacturing Fellowship in Collaborative Metrology for High Value Manufacturing. He is the assoc. Director of the Intelligent Automation Centre at Loughborough University where he leads the research team working on 3D vision for robust intelligent measurement. He is currently working on the creation of new sensing technology, new algorithms for advanced data processing, and implementing measurement systems within automation and manufacturing systems.
Professor Richard Busswell
Richard has over 30 years experience in building systems engineering in both industry and academia, and has been working in the field of additive manufacturing in the construction sector for more than 15 years. His research is multidisciplinary in nature and he has led a number of large research projects in the fields of building performance and 3D Concrete Printing. He is now currently engaged in leading two significant multi-disciplinary projects that will deliver the next generation of Hybrid 3D Concrete Printing processes.
Dr Laura Justham
Laura is currently a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University and a member of the Intelligent Automation Centre at Loughborough University. She is the lead academic for the advanced manufacturing processes within the Centre. Throughout her academic career, her research focus has been on the development of advanced manufacturing processes which has focused on novel system integration; developing individual components and integrating them together with machine vision, computer control and instrumentation to develop superior systems.


Dr Jon Petzing
Jon is a Senior Lecturer in Metrology with expertise in the fields of engineering metrology and biometrology. He has invented metrology theory and systems, developed standards, defined industrial applications, and worked with multiple National Measurement Institutes around the world. He was a member of the UK National Measurement Office Engineering & Flow, and is now a member of the BSI BTI/1 Biotechnology Committee, advising on metrology for biomanufacturing standards development.
Dr Niels Lohse
Niels Is a Reader in Manufacturing Automation and Robotics. He is the Director of the Intelligent Automation Centre at Loughborough University. His research interests are in the field of intelligent automation and include manufacturing system modelling, human-machine interaction, distributed control, diagnostics and design decision-support with a primary focus on modular and evolvable production systems and applications of artificial intelligence techniques in manufacturing.


Coventry University

Professor Trevor Toman

Professor Trevor Toman is currently a Professor in Metrology at Coventry University. Trevor joined CU in 2006 to launch and manage the new Metrology Development, which was a three-year funded project to deliver Metrology facilities for CU for teaching and research and to deliver measurable improvements for manufacturing businesses within the West Midlands area. Since joining CU Trevor has developed working relationships for delivery of training, education and research in metrology to a wide range of organisations, both nationally and internationally.

Trevor has also been actively involved with various academic and industrial committees including Academic Chair on The Executive Committee for the Coordinate Metrology Society of North America, various BSI committees, technical and supervisory groups within the Catapults and is a member of several professional metrology bodies. Trevor is also the lead academic on several externally funded research projects.
Dr Ranveer Matharu

Dr Ranveer Matharu completed his PhD study in Electrical Engineering from The University of Queensland in 2012. He has experience of working in both fast-paced research and teaching environments with interests in imaging and sensing using interferometry. His contributions to research include building and designing of optical systems that make use of VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers) and broadband sources utilising laser feedback interferometry (self-mixing effect) and low coherence interferometry, respectively. He has also experience with machine vision systems for manufacturing metrology with current interests associated with the internet of things (IoT), through the integration of sensors to attain optimum efficiency in industrial and manufacturing environments.

Ranveer joined Coventry University in 2018, prior to this, he worked as a Research Associate at Loughborough University developing in-process metrology to support real-time adaptive process control for high-value manufacturing systems. His research interests include vision systems, robotics, interferometry, semiconductor lasers and sensor integration at both hardware and software levels.